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Affordable Nurse Administration Master’s Degree

The nursing profession has no shortage of specialties. In fact, there are so many, it may be difficult to choose. Not all specialties require a master’s, but higher-level roles increasingly require a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). The rewards, including the potential for higher salaries, can make earning an MSN well-worth the effort.

Cost is a common concern, and Northeastern State University (NSU) offers an affordable option with its online MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program. RNs can graduate in just 12 months with an education that puts roles such as department manager, nursing supervisor, director of nursing and chief nursing officer within reach.

What Is the Value of an MSN in Administrative Leadership?

The value of an MSN begins with patient safety. Evidence shows that mortality rates improve significantly when care is provided by RNs with a bachelor’s or graduate-level education. Nurse administrators play an important role in motivating high-performing nursing teams.

Earning potential is another good indicator of value. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that RNs have a median salary of $71,730 per year. A master’s degree can boost that salary significantly. According to the BLS, healthcare administrators earn a median annual wage of $99,730 (May 2018), with salaries of more than $182,600 at the upper end.

How Does NSU’s MSN Compare With Other Programs?

Questions to consider when evaluating the overall cost of an MSN program include:

  • How much is tuition?
  • Are there additional fees?
  • Is the program online or campus-based?
  • Can I continue to work while earning my MSN?

A closer look at NSU’s MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing shows how this program keeps costs down:

  • Tuition is $370.40 per credit hour ($11,852.80 total).
  • NSU’s tuition includes all fees.
  • NSU’s 100% online format means that RNs can continue working while they earn their degree. Online programs also eliminate the lost time and money when a commute is involved.

A quick comparison of similar MSN programs in the region further demonstrates the affordability of NSU’s MSN in Administrative Leadership.

Tuition may be the easiest way to compare programs. Looking at cost per credit hour, NSU’s cost is very affordable when compared with other schools in the region:

  • Capella University, MSN with a Nursing Leadership and Administration specialization: $435 per credit hour (students can also choose to pay $2,700 for each 12-week billing session)
  • Oklahoma City University (OCU), MSN with a Nursing Leadership degree track: $590 per credit hour
  • Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU), MSN with a Nursing Administration Concentration: $530 per credit hour

Fees are another important consideration. NSU’s tuition includes all fees. Additional fees at other schools vary. For example:

  • Capella University has a $125 resource-kit fee per quarter or billing session.
  • OCU has a $55 application fee, $250 records fee, $35 online technology fee per credit hour and a $95 per-credit-hour nursing school fee.
  • OKWU’s include a one-time $50 registration fee and a $25 fee for course registration less than 30 days from the start date. Additional costs include a technology fee ($65 per term) and an educational resource fee ($25 per credit hour) and a graduate-level graduation fee ($140).

Finally, even Master of Science in Nursing programs with online courses may have on-campus requirements. OCU’s MSN, for example, is a hybrid format. When evaluating MSN programs, it may be worth considering which format is the best fit for work schedules and other obligations.

An MSN can open the door to upper-level positions and an opportunity to influence the quality of care at a leadership level. An affordable program such as NSU’s MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing can reduce concerns about cost so that RNs can focus on achieving their professional goals.

Learn more about Northeastern State University’s MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing online program.


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