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Nurses in Disasters

Sudden calamities, whether they are manmade or natural, can cause severe damage and endanger the welfare of large numbers of people. In emergency situations, nurses

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What Is Holistic Nursing?

This article was last updated on March 06, 2019. Florence Nightingale is credited with introducing the holistic aspect to nursing. She believed that a patient’s

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Complete Your BSN in Under a Year

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry characterized by innovation, research and quality improvement. Lifelong learning is necessary to remain competitive in your chosen field, especially in

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A Shift in Demand for RNs

Supply versus demand of registered nurses has been a hot topic for years. A plethora of literature, reports, and expert opinions suggests that a widespread

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A Look at Nurses in Oklahoma

An aging population, not to mention increased longevity, is keeping the job outlook for nurses strong. Older patients have chronic health conditions that require continual

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Why Do Nurses Need Research?

Research helps nurses determine effective best practices and improve patient care. Nurses in an online RN to BSN program learn to retrieve, read, critique and

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