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Earn a Nurse Administration Master’s Degree Online

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs come in various formats and offer a range of concentrations. Online MSN programs are perfect for BSN-prepared nurses who want to increase their knowledge and take the next step in their careers — all while continuing to work in their current jobs.

Examples of MSN program concentrations include:

  • Administrative Leadership
  • Informatics
  • Education

The online MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program concentration can be a particularly good option for nurses interested in pursuing upper-level nurse administration careers.

What Do Nurses Learn in an MSN Degree Program?

Generally, nurses in an MSN program take courses focused on evidence-based practice, leadership in nursing and specialized curricula related to a concentration. For example, the online MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program offered by Northeastern State University centers on advanced nursing practice and includes instruction on the following:

  • Building collaborative partnerships with healthcare colleagues
  • Synthesizing specialized knowledge and theories to elevate the nursing practice
  • Expanding research skills and applying the knowledge gained to their practice
  • Learning how to lead in order to improve quality, safety and outcomes
  • Understanding social, cultural, political, legal and ethical influences
  • Managing information, technology and other resources effectively
  • Taking responsibility for upholding the standards of the nursing practice
  • Instilling the importance of lifelong learning

Why Should Nurses Pursue an MSN?

Nurses who complete an MSN program are qualified for advanced practice nursing positions or non-clinical leadership jobs, depending on their degree concentration. The online MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program prepares nurses for a variety of jobs in nursing administration and leadership, opening up distinct career opportunities. For instance, chief nursing officers (CNOs) at the nation’s top Magnet hospitals must have at least a master’s-level education. This is precisely the type of professional role that Northeastern State University’s leadership-oriented MSN program readies nurses for.

Additionally, nursing jobs for RNs with a master’s degree often come with higher salaries. For instance, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that registered nurses (as a whole) made a median annual salary of $81,220 in 2022. Comparatively, the average salary for a CNO — a position that often requires MSN preparation —  is $147,182, according to October 2023 data from ZipRecruiter.

Where Can Nurses With an MSN Work?

Nurses with an MSN can work in almost any healthcare setting, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s offices
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Home healthcare services
  • Government agencies

These are just a few examples of possible work environments available to MSN-prepared nurses. Before they can pursue these opportunities, however, students must choose an MSN program, ideally an accredited one that suits their unique needs.

What Should Nurses Consider When Selecting an MSN Program?

Prospective MSN students should consider the kind of learning platform they prefer. Online programs allow you to continue working, for example. Study when and where you want and still have time for family and relaxation. Online options are often quicker and more affordable. On-campus programs are often not as flexible and may take longer to complete.

Nurses should also look for nursing programs that are accredited. Accreditation demonstrates the quality of the program and the education students receive. Two accreditation bodies for MSN programs are the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Northeastern State University’s online MSN programs are ACEN-accredited.

How Do Costs Compare for Programs in Oklahoma?

Tuition for MSN programs can vary widely, from surprisingly affordable to prohibitively expensive. Northeastern State University’s 100% online MSN program is one of the most affordable in Oklahoma. When comparing schools, it’s important to take all related costs into account. Tuition may increase due to factors such as:

  • Number of credit hours
  • Added fees
  • Travel expenses for on-campus and hybrid programs
  • Program completion time

In addition, the online model of Northeastern State University’s program allows students to continue working and making a salary while they earn their degree. By working through school, students avoid what can be the most expensive aspect of earning a master’s degree: opportunity cost. In this case, opportunity cost could refer to lost wages and missed career advancement opportunities while in school. Factoring in opportunity cost is a crucial component of calculating the potential return on investment (ROI) of a graduate-level nursing program.

Gain Options and Opportunities at Northeastern State University

RNs who complete an MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program can transition out of direct patient care and into leadership roles such as director of nursing, chief nursing officer, nursing supervisor or department manager. An online program may be a good fit for nurses who want to continue working while earning their degree.

Northeastern State University’s online MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program provides the convenience of multiple start dates and an embedded practicum. Moreover, the program can be completed in as few as 12 months, helping nurses rapidly advance their career prospects.

Learn more about Northeastern State University’s online MSN in Administrative Leadership in Nursing program.

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