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RN to BSN Online Degree Program

This affordable RN to BSN online program can give you increased career options while preparing you for professional nursing practice roles.

10/04/21 Next Apply Date
10/18/21 Start Class

Program Overview

Learn more about the online NSU RN to BSN program

$9,165* Total Tuition
As few as 10 months Program Duration
30 Credit Hours

Northeastern State University offers an online RN to BSN program that can be completed in as few as 10 months. There are no prerequisite courses, and you can apply while you are completing your associate degree or nursing program.

The curriculum for this accredited online nursing program consists of 30 upper division credit hours and is designed to build on your previous education and experience and prepare you for a professional nursing career. The program will also provide a strong foundation for a graduate education in nursing.

Major areas of emphasis include family nursing, community health, leadership, and research. Graduates are prepared to provide primary health care in diverse settings; to provide education to individuals, families, and community groups; and to continue lifelong learning.

The baccalaureate degree program and master of science in nursing program are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404-975-5000.

The ACEN is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

As the first RN to BSN program in Oklahoma, NSU is committed to a bold vision and a culture of learning and discovery.

RN to BSN online program goals

  • Provide diploma and associate degree nursing graduates with a broadened educational base for improvement of nursing practice.
  • Offer a baccalaureate program in nursing that instills lifelong learning and provides basic preparation for graduate education in nursing.
  • Provide a nursing program designed to meet the needs of the state, region, and nation by preparing RNs at the baccalaureate level to practice professional nursing in diverse roles and settings.
  • Facilitate students' mastery of knowledge and skills essential for professional nursing.
  • Enable students to broaden their knowledge base through selected general education, prerequisite, and support courses.
  • Provide an educational environment that will foster professional development and personal growth of students and faculty.
  • Promote faculty and student involvement in activities relating to the promotion of health of individuals, families, communities and society.

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) requires Student Achievement Outcome Data such as program completion and employment rates be publicly accessible.

Membership in Zeta Delta-at-Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society of nursing, is available to eligible students.

Gary Marwedel

RN to BSN online graduate

"My professors were always willing to listen and give me the time I needed."

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Tuition and Fees

Discover the value of our low-cost tuition

Northeastern State University prides itself on offering a high-quality education at an affordable price. The pay-by-the-course tuition cost for the RN to BSN online program is priced with the working student in mind. Financial aid may also be available for students who qualify.

Tuition breakdown:

$305.50 In-state per credit hour
$9,165 In-state tuition

View full tuition breakdown

RN to BSN Online Program Tuition and Fees

In-State Per Credit Hour In-State Total Program Costs
$305.50* $9,165*
Out-of-State Per Credit Hour Out-of-State Total Program Costs
$306.50* $9,195*

*Tuition for the RN to BSN online is $9,165 in-state, and $9,195 out-of-state. Tuition includes required fees and is current as of Fall 2019. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Undergraduate Application Fee (per application): $25


Our RN to BSN course schedule is designed for flexibility

Northeastern State University offers six start dates throughout the year, so you can begin coursework at a time that is best for you. You should consider all relevant deadlines, such as the application date and required documents deadline, for admission. After those steps are completed, you must register for classes and pay for tuition by the payment due date.

Now Enrolling:

10/04/21 Next Application Due Date
10/18/21 Start Classes

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Session Course Start App Deadline Doc Deadline Registration Deadline Tuition Deadline Course End Date
Fall 1 08/23/21 08/09/21 08/16/21 08/20/21 08/23/21 10/08/21
Fall 2 10/18/21 10/04/21 10/11/21 10/15/21 10/18/21 12/10/21
Spring 1 01/10/22 12/20/21 12/27/21 01/07/22 01/10/22 02/25/22
Spring 2 03/07/22 02/21/22 02/28/22 03/04/22 03/07/22 04/29/22

Ready to take the next step toward earning your degree online from Northeastern State University?


Read the details of our online RN to BSN admissions criteria

The admission process is the first step toward earning your online degree at Northeastern State University.

Applicants to the NSU RN to BSN online program must hold or be working toward a current RN license, along with an associate degree or diploma from a regionally accredited nursing program and a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Current RN license
Associate degree or diploma From a state-approved associate degree or diploma nursing program
Minimum 2.0 GPA No grade below a “C” in nursing support

View full admission requirements

Full Admission:

  • Graduation from a state-approved associate degree or diploma nursing program
  • Current RN license
  • Overall 2.0 GPA with no grade below a "C" in nursing support (upper and lower division) and lower-division nursing courses

Conditional Admission:

  • Overall 2.0 GPA with no grade below a "C" in nursing support (upper and lower division) and lower-division nursing courses
  • Nurses graduating with their ADN may be admitted on the condition that they achieve RN status by the end of their first semester

Additional Requirements (due no later than end of first course after admission):

  • Documentation of immunizations, including: MMR, TB, Tdap, varicella, hepatitis B and influenza
  • Documentation of current, signed American Heart Association health care provider CPR card or eCard
  • Documentation of current professional liability insurance policy face sheet reflecting minimum coverage of $1,000,000/incident and $3,000,000 aggregate; the nursing program must be listed as a certificate holder
  • Complete a national background check and drug test:

Diploma graduates and those from non-HLC accredited nursing programs must successfully complete nursing proficiency tests. Credit for lower-division nursing content will be awarded to those who successfully complete the tests and the first semester of the nursing program.

Only official documents should be mailed to:

NSU Admissions and Records
701 N Grand Avenue
Tahlequah, OK 74464-2300

All other documents should be submitted through the CastleBranch secure website.


Advance your knowledge in these online nursing classes

The RN to BSN online curriculum includes 9 courses totaling 30 credit hours (upper division nursing courses only).

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Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

Professional Nursing Role explores essential attributes and competencies of the professional nursing role that are requisite to address current and future challenges to nursing and health care. Prerequisite: admission to nursing major or permission of instructor.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

Health Assessment focuses on holistic health assessment of patients using Gordon's functional health patterns as an organizing framework. Current issues in professional nursing practice related to nursing process are included. Prerequisite: NURS 3003 or concurrent, or permission of instructor.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 2

Cultural Competency in Nursing focuses on developing the nurse's ability to provide culturally competent care to individuals, families and groups from diverse backgrounds. Provides opportunity to increase cultural awareness and decrease health disparities. Prerequisite: NURS 3003 or concurrent, or permission of instructor.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Family Health Nursing promotes family health nursing practice during the lifespan. The focus of nursing care is on the holistic health promotion of the patient while in the family context. Prerequisite: NURS 3003 or concurrent, or permission of instructor.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 3

Current Trends and Issues in Nursing focuses on contemporary nursing issues in today's changing health care field. Emphasis is on legal and ethical considerations, changes in health care delivery systems and the responsibilities of the nurse. Prerequisite: NURS 3003 or concurrent, or permission of instructor.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 2

Fundamentals of Nursing Research introduces similarities and differences of quantitative and qualitative studies as well as statistical methods utilized in nursing research. Legal and ethical issues, theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and literature reviews will be examined. Emphasis is on the nurse as a consumer of nursing research. Prerequisites: Statistics and admission to nursing major, NURS 3003 or concurrent.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 5

Community Health Nursing integrates current knowledge, theory and research relevant to nursing practice and public health practice to promote and preserve the health of populations. Provides an opportunity to partner with a community and other health professionals to manage and provide resources. Prerequisites: admission to nursing major, NURS 3003 or concurrent. Requires a total of 64 field experience hours over the semester.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Nursing Leadership and Management focuses on continued development of leadership and management skills relevant to professional practice. Provides an opportunity to collaborate with professionals and initiate change. Prerequisites: admission to nursing major, NURS 3003 or concurrent.

Duration: 7 weeks   |   Credit Hours: 4

Professional Nursing Synthesis integrates professional nursing skills and concepts developed throughout the nursing program. Emphasis is on evidence-based practice. Provides an opportunity to collaborate with a preceptor in an area of choice that reflects professional goals. Requires a total of 64 field experience hours over the semester. Prerequisites: NURS 4102, NURS 3204, NURS 4115, NURS 4214 or concurrent.

Corequisites (may be taken concurrently with nursing courses)

The following general education courses are co-requisites. Any courses not previously completed as part of the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree may be completed at the same time as RN to BSN courses at NSU, but not after the last RN to BSN course. Show all

Written & Oral Communication (9 hours)

  • ENGL 1113 Freshman Composition I
  • ENGL 1213 Freshman Composition II

Choose ONE course from the following:

  • COMM 1113 Fundamentals of Communication
  • COMM 2213 Public Speaking
  • COMM 3223 Business and Professional Speaking
  • COMM 3303 Group Dynamics

Humanities (6 hours)

  • HIST 1113 Early Western Civilization
  • HIST 1213 Modern Western Civilization
  • HUM 2113 Ancient Cultures
  • HUM 2223 Modern Cultures
  • PHIL 1013 Introduction to Philosophy
  • HUM 2333 Art Appreciation
  • MUS 2543 Music Appreciation
  • THTR 2763 Theatre Appreciation
  • THTR 2843 Film Appreciation
  • MUS 2533 Rock Music History
  • MUS 2743 Jazz Appreciation
  • WGS Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

If the student has completed 6 hours of required Humanities courses at a transfer institution, they have fulfilled NSU's Humanities requirements.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 hours)

  • HIST 1483 American History 1492-1876 OR
  • HIST 1493 American History since 1876
  • POLS 1113 American Federal Government
  • PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology

Natural Sciences (16 hours)

  • BIOL 2154 Human Anatomy AND
  • BIOL 3314 Human Physiology OR
  • combined course of Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIOL 3224 Microbiology
  • CHEM 1123 & 1131 General Chemistry I

Quantitative Analysis (3 hours)

Choose ONE course from the following:

  • MATH 1513 College Algebra
  • An advanced course in mathematics, statistics, or computer programming
  • MATH 1473 Applied Math

Life Skills (6 hours)

Choose ONE course from the following:

  • 1653 Basic Nutrition OR
  • H ED 1113 Personal Health

Select 3 hours from the following:

  • CS 1003/IS 1003 Computers in Modern Society or a more advanced CS/IS course
  • FIN 2113 Personal Financial Planning
  • HFS 3113 Consumer Issues
  • HFS 1103 Relationships and Marriage
  • PSYC 1003 Introduction to Human Behavior
  • EDUC 4823 Technology in Education (This course is designed for education majors.)
  • H ED 2212 First Aid
  • P ED 4741 CPR Training
  • LIBM 4611 Electronic Information Retrieval

Any military science leadership, physical education activity, and/or performance-based arts course(s).

Global Perspectives (3 hours)

Select ONE course from the following five categories.

  1. Second Language (1113 or higher): Spanish, French, German, Cherokee, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, New Testament Greek, Latin, or American Sign Language.
  2. American Indian Studies
    • ANTH 2223 Introduction to American Indian Studies
    • CHER 4113 Cherokee Cultural Heritage
    • HIST 3723 History of the American Indian
  3. Geography
    • GEOG 2253 World Regional Geography
    • GEOG 2003 Food and Society
    • GEOG 2133 Global Economic Geography
  4. Political Science
    • POL 2314 Introduction to International Relations
    • POL 2353 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  5. Literature, Customs, and Beliefs
    • NUTR 3653 Food and Culture
    • REL 2553 Comparative Religions
    • ENGL 3413 World Literature
    • TECH 3053 Technology and Society
    • COMM 2543 Intercultural Communication

Computer Proficiency

Students must demonstrate computer proficiency, which includes the competent use of a variety of software and networking applications. Students may complete the requirement through one of three options:

  1. Successfully completing a high school computer science course that meets the State Regents' high school curricular requirements; OR
  2. Satisfying NSU's computer proficiency assessment; OR
  3. Successfully completing CS 1003/IS 1003 Computers in Modern Society or EDUC 4823 Technology in Education (for education majors).

Students should complete this requirement in their first 30 hours of course work.

Statistics - 3 hours

Nursing - 30 hours

Transfer credit or credit by examination

RNs with an Oklahoma Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree will have satisfied all General Education requirements; certain lower division prerequisites must be completed with a grade of "C" or better by all RNs. All other RNs must meet Northeastern State University General Education requirements, including required initial enrollment in math deficiency removal courses if a deficiency exists.

Still Undecided?

See our online RN to BSN FAQ page for more information.

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